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Blog1: Carpet Stains


A lot Melbourne of cleaners over wet your carpet by going over the same area too many times in one clean. The carpet cant dry properly because the moisture is trapped between the carpet and the underlay. Sometimes it goes right down to the flooring. I have seen this way to often. What they don’t realize is that they are causing over wetting, only a professional carpet cleaner, can tell how many times you can go over that area in one clean. Remember the more you clean, the further the water goes into your carpet, right down to the underlay where it cant dry.

Over wetting permanently damages your carpet and could stop you getting your bond back, so be careful of who you use. Over wetting can also be caused by poorly maintained equipment or a person that doesn’t know the correct method.

**********This will not happen with Fletchers Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne**********



When water based paint dry’s it cannot be removed even by a professional carpet cleaner like most people think it can. Water based paints must be removed while the paint is still wet you must use water to remove. If it’s a lot of paint call us immediately but keep it wet with water until we get there. Oil based paint is different. Some solvents can remove it but its just best to use a drop sheet and cover your flooring carefully.