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Carpet Steam Cleaning


We use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning equipment these machines don’t use your power or hot water. Truck mounted steam cleaning cleans your carpet much more thoroughly than portable cleaning machines. This is due to the fact that there is stronger suction and the water temperature it produces can be up to 110 degrees Celsius. Therefore your carpets are left much drier and cleaner killing more bacteria and removing more stains than smaller portable machines.


We ask you to vacuum the areas to be cleaned. Remove small items, breakables off the carpet .We also ask you to leave a park for us in the driveway if you have one. We move beds on castors couches but not heavy flat-based items we usually clean around these items.


Upon arrival our technician will ask you to show the areas you would like to get cleaned. He will explain to you the result you are likely to achieve and explain how certain types of stains you might have can be removed and others are permanent. He will then apply the detergent for cleaning which breaks down the dirt & grime. DEODORIZING AND SANITIZING IS FREE WITH Fletchers Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne This chemical we use is citrus based and is much safer and more environmentally friendly than other harsh chemicals. The technician will run two hoses into your home to the furthest point from your front door, which is where he will start cleaning. The method we use is hot water extraction, which is, preferred method used by carpet manufacturers. Clean hot water is jetted into the carpet and then simultaneously extracted. As the technician cleans he will treat all problem stains with applicable stain removers. Carpet can be walked straight away as long as your shoes are clean. The carpet can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to dry depending on weather conditions and heating in the house.