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Upholstery Cleaning


Like with your carpets your sofas arm chairs and dining chairs car upholstery also require cleaning. At Fletchers upholstery cleaning Melbourne we use the upmost care with all your upholstery cleaning requirements. Upholstery is a lot more sensitive to certain chemicals so knowing your fabric that you are cleaning is very important .As it can be damaged if the wrong chemicals or cleaning method is used. Our technicians are highly qualified in determining what method and chemicals can be used.



The upholstery is examined by our technicians for the type of cleaning required once that is established we treat the couch with a specialized fabric detergent. The upholstery is then cleaned using hot water extraction at a lot lower pressure than carpet steam cleaning It gently removes built up dirt and stains from the couch not damaging the fabric in any way spot cleaners are also used on more stubborn stains like with carpet some stains are permanent and will be discussed with you on arrival.



Unlike carpet upholstery can be dry in 1 hour. Depending on how heavily stained it is. The average time is 2-3 hrs.



We also clean car upholstery and carpets the process is the same as with couches and chairs.